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Celebrating Recovery, One Card at a Time

Celebrating Recovery,
One Card at a Time

Life is such a gift. Each new day is a reason for celebration. New habits and a deeper spiritual connection awaken gratitude in the heart. Support from others on a similar journey, and historical commonality instill a strong sense of fellowship.

Every milestone marks another step to be celebrated, one victory through surrender at a time, one day at a time, one year at a time, one smile at a time, one card at a time. It is my sincere hope that these cards help you honor the work that has been done and the serenity that has been thereby achieved.

Currently, there are 142 original designs to choose from. Perhaps you will find exactly what you have been looking for.

Every day, each 24 hours, a milestone in recovery is worth celebrating!

The Story of Serenity Cards

A couple years back I wanted to get a special card for someone who, as many in recovery do, had achieved some success, one day at a time. While there were lots of beautiful cards out there – many of them spiritually uplifting, any cards I saw which were made specifically for a recovery birthday were not as lovely.

I am a graphic designer by trade, so I have some expectations for things like birthday cards. Anyway, I ended up cobbling together something and printing it on my inkjet. It was much better than what I had been able to find.

Then, someone else very near and dear to me was charged with getting birthday cards for their fellowship. That group had the popular habit of everyone in the meeting signing the card. Sometimes they bought the cards that were available to them through a local recovery store, and sometimes they just printed up a slogan or prayer or two on a piece of colored paper and signed that.

I took one look at their choices, and said, “I can do better than that!”
Serenity Cards was conceived in that sentence. In a very little time, I had designed over 50 cards, so they would have a variety to choose from.

“I can do better than that!”

There were soon several fellowships that got their cards from me. I put a page up on my website just to make their ordering process easier. Not long after, I got an email from someone who had somehow found that page and was interested in purchasing for her group in some other part of the country, because “they are the best available.” I make it a habit to say yes to clear guidance, so Serenity Cards have officially become their own product line.